taught by Leah Marmulla
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Leah  Marmulla
Leah Marmulla
Health Coach and Dietitian

About the Instructor

After being a dietitian for 20 years and hosting a variety of training courses it was decided to reach out and help more people at once. Time is a common reason why people don't attending regular group sessions, and so, the course was adjusted to work in the online world.

Same information, different style


Bachelor of Health Science (N & D)

Practitioner Level of NLP

Business owner for 20 years and Practice Adviser for 5.

Are you ready to get a handle on your diabetes?

Are you tired of trying to work out what to eat, why things are still playing up or just not getting better?

Are your sugars still through the roof and your Specialist or GP keeps talking about increasing your medication doses or list?

Do you feel there must be another way to get better that isn't about 'NOT eating' sugar?

I'm Leah Marmulla and I believe we can make a difference by addressing the underlying triggers of most lifestyle diseases - Inflammation and gut health.

I help people learn what their triggers are.

Is it their food choices that upsets their body?

Is it not understanding how the body works and its contribution to diabetes?

For some there are other body changes such as hormonal imbalance, nutrient deficiency or even just being too stressed. What is yours??

I have for the past 10 years helped people and I want to help you too. Together you can

  • reclaim your life, move away from controlling food just because of sugar. This is even more important if sugar isn't the primary problem and inflammation is.
  • learn what works for the body and lifestyle and
  • know how to make food and exercise changes based on the data they collect from their body - make empowered, informed choices and not being ignorant to what is happening.

You don't necessarily need to stop eating your favorite foods - its all about moderation and respecting your body needs

You don't need to starve yourself or stay away from family celebrations or other important food sharing events

Its all about making informed choices around your foods and drinks. Working out how to have that piece of cake, or that glass of wine, (if you choose) and not loose the plot or your sanity.

Your get to create the meal plan and how to manage your diabetes, because you learn the skills to choose wisely. You get to know your body and what it is the best for it. You are in charge of making the informed choices.

Are you ready for that level of freedom and

responsibility to reclaim your health around diabetes?

Join others in your self discovery journey for just $97, that will help you get you back.

In the Diabetes, the Guts of It you get:

  • The Diabetes, the Guts of it training equivelent to 6 weeks face to face course
  • Activities to develop your knowledge and skills around the topic at hand
  • Bonus Awareness and Accountability Journal to help you keep on track and explore what is going in your mind and heart.
  • Membership to the Healthyeatshangout
  • Recommended list of self help, emotional support work to help you heal even faster.

Course Contents

10 Videos
10 Texts
22 PDFs

Course Curriculum

Breaking Free towards the future